The Spanish optical Multiópticas wished to promote their Combina2 offer with which you can buy any two of their Mó brand glasses for 97€. More than just announce the offer though, they wanted to incite people to share the second pair of glasses with whomever they please. 

In response we created "The Choice", a 360º campaign centered around an online interactive catalog where you can discover the entire Mó collection while following the story of Mariana and her struggle to choose with whom to share her extra glasses.



The online catalog gave users the opportunity to view an extended interactive version of the spot. The user could choose to watch the combined version of the spot or by using the cursor, they could navigate between the 3 unique stories. The site also allowed them to pause the video and choose the glasses the character was wearing at that moment or decide between similar models. At the end of the experience, the user would choose a friend to share their extra pair of glasses with by way of a facebook connection.

The site received more than 700,000 visits within 2 weeks (the length of the promo), exceeding all client expectations, and setting a record within the sector.